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Thank you!

We have been blown away by the performances as well as the support from participants and audience from all over the world. The Global Migrant Festival 2020 may have come to an end, but our platform will stay alive to keep the conversations going.

Global Migrant Festival

Migrant Worker Poetry Competition

Every year, we also host the Migrant Worker Poetry Competition in Singapore and Malaysia. 

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About the Festival

The first-ever Global Migrant Festival  was held in Singapore on 15-16 December, 2018.

The Festival sought to provide a platform for broader, critical, human-centric perspectives and dialogues on migration, in context of often vitriolic narratives that have dominated discussions on migration in Asia and across the world. It featured over 200 performers from 25 regions defined by borders in an array of cultural performances, talks, films and panel discussions involving artists, economic migrants, refugees, academic experts and community advocates from non-profit organisations. The finals of the annual Migrant Worker Poetry Competition (Singapore) were held as part of the Festival. 

The festival is now back in Nov 2020. Check out the different events happening and save the dates!

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