Global Migrant Festival

The second edition of the Global Migrant Festival will be held in November 2020. 

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"Global Migrant Festival in Singapore draws links among migration, labour and art" - The Straits Times

"Singapore’s first migrant festival – can it foster understanding, as organiser hopes?" - South China Morning Post

"Global Migrant Festival: Giving a voice to migrants through art and culture" - CGTN

"Singapore reaps literary dividend from migrant culture" - Nikkei Asian Review

"首届“国际移民节” 客工的发声地" - Linhe Zaobao

"From books to documentaries to festivals, the annual Migrant Workers Poetry Competition has opened new doors for Singapore's unheralded heroes." - Channel NewsAsia

About the Festival

The first-ever Global Migrant Festival  was held in Singapore on 15-16 December, 2018.

The Festival sought to provide a platform for broader, critical, human-centric perspectives and dialogues on migration, in context of often vitriolic narratives that have dominated discussions on migration in Asia and across the world. It featured over 200 performers from 25 regions defined by borders in an array of cultural performances, talks, films and panel discussions involving artists, economic migrants, refugees, academic experts and community advocates from non-profit organisations. The finals of the annual Migrant Worker Poetry Competition (Singapore) were held as part of the Festival. 

The festival will be back in 2020. Follow our facebook page for affiliated events and other updates


The 2018 Festival Line-Up

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Migrant Worker Poetry Competition Finals 2018 & Poetry Readings

Come listen to outstanding, heartfelt poetry written and performed by migrants from all over Asia, including Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. The Finals of the Singapore Migrant Worker Poetry Competition will also be held from 4-6pm (National Gallery).

Cultural Performances 

From the theatre group "The Birds" to he band "Migrants Band Singapore," prepared to be amazed by migrant talent.

Panels & Discussions

Curious about what academic experts, doctors, activists and more have to say on migrant issues? Check out our 2 panels: "Migration: The Big Picture" from 9-10am (National Gallery) and "Health and Migration" from 2-3pm (Arts House). 

Film Screenings

We will also be screening an incredible array of poignant, captivating films from around the region that depict stories of migrants.

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