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About Us


​The Global Migrant Festival seeks to: 

  • Promote multiculturalism

  • Provide a platform for low wage migrant workers and refugees to have their voices heard

  • Understand human perspectives of migration

  • Discuss key cross-cutting issues related to migration, including health, economics, safety, art and gender.


We believe the issues covered at the Festival have become increasingly relevant, given that regular and irregular migration is a defining trend with significant social, cultural, economic and political implications for both host and source countries.​

The festival is held once every two years.


The festival is organised by a group of volunteers under the Migrant Worker Poetry Competition organising committee led by Shivaji Das. 


Shivaji: Overall coordination, curation of programs for Africa, ASEAN, ANZ, Americas, Europe

Yu Jing Mak: Programs manager and Communications partner

Ida: Lead for Poetry Competitions (Singapore + Malaysia)

Vishal: Curator - Films

Theophilus: Curator - Research & Academic Programs

Isabela:  Curation for programs for the Middle East  

Luca: Curation for programs for China

Yolanda:  Curation for programs for China

Sneha: Media (Social + PR)

Karisa: Tech + Streaming in-charge

Anne: Event & Participant coordination

Nurul Alexandria:  Event & Participant coordination

Hilda:  Event & Participant coordination

Rasuna: Video Editing

 Abhineet: Webmaster

Yu Ting Mak: Webmaster

Dylan De Souza: Social Media Support 
Charlotte: Event & Participant coordination
Deepu: Video and Event Support


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