Global Migrant Festival 2020 Events

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All events will be streamed live on our Facebook page.

11am | The Festival Opens
2pm - 3pm | Letters from Taiwan: Literary activities by Migrant Worker Writers in Taiwan
3pm - 4pm | Writers of Change: the archipelago writers collective and emerging writers in Indonesia's refugee community
4pm - 5pm | Voices from the Gulf: Migrant Worker Artists of Abu Dhabi
5pm - 6pm | China Play
6pm - 7pm | Conversation with Daria Bogdanska: Author of Wage Slaves
8pm - 9pm | Acta Bristol
9pm - 10pm | The Visuals of Migration: Expressing the migrant experience through Art and Photography
11am - 12pm | The sounds of migration: The Tachoma Refugee Choir
2pm - 3pm | "Obra" After Work: Migrant Worker Artists in Hong Kong
3pm - 4pm | Zebra Crossing: A poetic play by Migrant Worker Poets of Singapore
4pm - 5pm | Migrant Worker & Refugee Poetry Competition Malaysia
6pm - 7pm | I am Fan Yusu: The Domestic Migrant Worker Experience in China
8pm - 9pm | Golden Waves: An artistic response to a hardline migrant policy
9pm - 10pm | As a woman migrant: A response through literature
8pm - 10pm | On the Road: Patterns and conditions of migration
8pm - 10pm | At the Border: Effects of state policy
8pm - 10pm | Telling our stories: Migrant narratives, voices, meanings